February 1 2020 solar eclipse astrology

February Horoscope 2020 Overview
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  2. Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy
  3. Sun enters Sagittarius

Avoiding the inevitable? Solar and lunar eclipses are dramatic turning points. Eclipses are these agents of change. They occur four to six times a year and turn things upside-down. In our disoriented state, we may act out of character or see turbulence in the world.

Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy | Podbay

Eclipses can also help break patterns and shift dynamics. However, most astrologers suggest waiting a week or so before taking drastic action, allowing the eclipse energy to settle first. Solar eclipses occur at new moons. During a solar eclipse, the moon is directly between the Earth and Sun known as a conjunction , or meetup, of the Sun and the moon. While it may be surprising—or not something you even expected—a solar eclipse has a bigger vision in store for us. At times, this can limit our perspectives, and cause us to miss out on opportunities.

Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy

Solar eclipses might snatch away the familiar temporarily, forcing us to consider options we would never otherwise explore. Sorry, inaccurate about the conjunction with Chiron…just realized it is at 29 Pisces, not 19…almost into Aries…. Has anyone ever had a solar eclipse conjunct their vertex it will be in my 7th house??

The PERFECT LUNAR Month according to Ancient Astrology! Solar / Lunar ECLIPSES Feb' 18 with Trifon

Last solar eclipse in march was conjunct my venus in the 7th and nothing happened at all? Oops was looking at …the New Moon will indeed be conjunct Chiron opposition Jupiter, and Bernadette tells a not so happy story of separations, but also new opportunities coming in which bring positive outcomes…. Thank you so much for posting this list. My ex has Chiron conjunct Saturn in the 1st house.

Sun enters Sagittarius

On Sept 16th he failed to pick up our son from school for contact. Our son eluded him. The ex has father issues, he wished his dad dead and he died, shot himself in the head. He asked a court to have contact exclude his second child.

But the 3rd child, my son, is a male. He wanted boys. Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. Ambition unlimited always ends in defeat. A break from the past, a willingness to flaunt convention.

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Saturn in Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life. And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things. What are principles worth, unless they are put into practice? This could mean you may be disappointed by causes you believe in — but if you abandon your principles, you lose.

Uranus in Taurus Practicality and ingenuity combine as powerful drives in your life now that you have begun a new cycle. Taking innovative concepts and making them real and practical is your strong suit; getting stuck in the mud is to be avoided at all costs. Financial savvy, inventiveness, worldly genius. The fine arts and all manner of fantasies assume a larger-than-life importance. Surrendering to fate, karma, and other powers greater than merely mortal may be seen as the ultimate liberation.